The Fly Gabe Newell Fund Has Been Successful!

We raised over $3000 in not-even-three-days. Gabe and Erik flew down on their own dime and hung out with me. All funds raised were donated to the Child's Play charity. See below for my summary of the event.

Thanks, everyone!

For the text that was previously here - detailing the sequence of events that led up to all this - go here and here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

$20 from another Alex

Alexes, I find, are increasingly prevalent on the internet. They also appear to be uniformly rad dudes! Thanks, rad dude number 40!

I just realised that the previous totals I've been putting here have just been all the donations added up, and haven't accounted for exchange rates. Henceforth, I shall write the figure in United States Dollars: the total is currently $505.45USD.

In the unlikely event that Gabe and Erik don't end up flying here, rendering the amassed money unnecessary for that purpose, I would like very much to donate it to Child's Play, with the permission of each donor. Therefore, I'm asking future donors to attach a message indicating whether they're okay with their money going to sick kids in the event of plans falling through or whether they're intent on a refund.

Thanks folks!

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