The Fly Gabe Newell Fund Has Been Successful!

We raised over $3000 in not-even-three-days. Gabe and Erik flew down on their own dime and hung out with me. All funds raised were donated to the Child's Play charity. See below for my summary of the event.

Thanks, everyone!

For the text that was previously here - detailing the sequence of events that led up to all this - go here and here.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This just in from Gabe:

The English language lacks the words to express the level of excitement Erik and I feel that you and your friends have pulled this off. Give us some time to organize our affairs, as we are trying to ship a product, and then we’ll let you know the time and date of our arrival. Give our best to Robin’s mother, as she is apparently a neighbor of yours.

Gabe & Erik

I guess we have our answer!


  1. Friggin' congratulations sir. We're all looking forward to the videos (or photos) you'll take while they are there!

  2. This is just great... Make sure your map/mod lives up to it when Gabe gets there.

    Best of luck,
    ~ Churrasco

  3. Ya know the prices he sent to you did have a november date...

  4. Running off of what James just put forward, if Gabe's trip becomes a reality, and you need any help setting things up at all, I'm available for any menial labour/whip cracking/general crap jobs.

    Provided it's within the next month and a half, and I get some notice, I should be able to make time to come around and lend a hand.

    Sorry if I sound a little forward, but this is something I definitely want to be a part of, and if I can do anything more to help make it a reality, I will, if you want. :)


    Michael raises a good point - and I would *love* to do any hard work you need help with. Gabe Newell is my idol, and I'd be honored if you wanted some help setting up projectors, getting tables, etcetera.

  5. It'd be great if you could arrange for the Brisbane donators to meet him. (hint hint) :P

    And I'd love to help out with anything that needs help too. :D

    Seriously thrilled that everyone has pulled this off and that they accepted. I hope they like your campaign.

  6. Awesome news!! The power of the intarwebz eh? Now get cracking again on that campaign man, make it even greater. :-) Can't wait to hear/see the results of their trip to Brisbane.

    This just made my day.

  7. Congratulations. Thankyou Joe for involving us all in this wonderful story/event.

  8. Good stuff. I noticed that the date on the ticket was the 23rd of November, and I won't be in Brisbane then, but if you need any help leading up to then, as before, give me some notice and I can arrange to fly up and give a hand.

    This is something I really want to be a part of. :)

  9. Congrats! You and Gabe are awesome people!

  10. Congrats. :) I'd recommend keeping it low key. Show them your stuff and make sure they have plenty of time to relax on their own... putting out a release is a lot of work and I'm sure they'll need a vacation. You could probably have a cookout and invite any donors, or similar. Just something relaxed. I'd have no problem with my donation going toward something like that. :)

  11. Congratulations!

    Well played, sir :)

  12. I'm making a note here: "huge success."

    On behalf of our little group, I'd like to send you, Gabe and Eric personalized IT( )E United t-shirts to commemorate Joe-WA-Pallooza 2009. We don't expect that you guys will actually wear the t-shirts, but we want to contribute to the sublime absurdity of the whole endeavor.

    If you're interested in receiving such perfectly useless items, please drop me a message on our blog

  13. Hey man, since you're probably aware by now that the OFLC in Australia has officially boycotted L4D2 (see what I did there? ;-), can you suggest the following strategy to Gabe when you see him?

    There is a big loophole in our classification laws that really needs to be exploited in order for something to be done.

    Step 1: Submit a game for classification that simply pops up a window saying "Game Over!".
    Step 2: Receive classification approval.
    Step 3: Patch the game to its gore-filled, drug induced depravity via a 10GB "patch".
    Step 4: See what happens when precedent gets set in court.

    (copied from my post at forums)

  14. Oh my god I just realised that if it's anytime past November, I'm going to be in Vancouver...and Gabe is going to be in Brisbane. Why God why!!!