The Fly Gabe Newell Fund Has Been Successful!

We raised over $3000 in not-even-three-days. Gabe and Erik flew down on their own dime and hung out with me. All funds raised were donated to the Child's Play charity. See below for my summary of the event.

Thanks, everyone!

For the text that was previously here - detailing the sequence of events that led up to all this - go here and here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The night's donations

A tired Joe went to bed and a tired Joe woke up to ninety-five emails, most of them donations.

My sincerest regret at being physically incapable of writing a personalised post for each of these donations, but they are all appreciated. They range from forty-one cents to fifty bucks. Most of you have specified that you'd like your money to go to Child's Play should plans fall through.

Thank you very much:

Bino, Christopher, Jøran, Chris, Katherine, Mario, Tom, Tobias, Andreas, Stewart, Magnus, Ian, Matthew, Andrew, Lachlan, Lukas, Michael, Arno, Gill, Jonathan, Richard, Matthew, Mark, Dan, StorageMachine, Steven, Luc,, Søren, Jack, Jocelyn, Eric, Abhishek, Chris, Byron, Alexander, Joe, Jonathon, Pedro, Scott, Roy, Ryan, Michael, Matt Pierson, Alastair, David, Stuart, Henrik, Anders, Juergen, Epik Technologies, Justin, David, Russel, Tobias, Peter, David, Stephen, Andrew, Scott, Elizabeth, Colin, James, Shannon, Alex, Eric, Adam, Josiah, Nick, Franklin, Mike (donated by [CLAN] apparently, Elliott, Niels, Adrian, Charles, Sebastian, Oliver, IT()EUnitedNation, Christopher, Girish, RM, Andrew, and Sanjita.

The total is now $1,677.36 USD.

Well done.

I asked Gabe about airfares:

Well, a couple of minutes on Expedia resulted in this:

from $1211 Roundtrip avg/person (from $2422 total)
12:00 pm Depart Seattle (SEA)
Arrive Brisbane (BNE) 7:45 am +2 days Mon 23-Nov
Duration: 25hr 45mn
Qantas Airways 3746 / 16
Connect in Los Angeles (LAX)
Preview seat availability Choose this departure
Book this flight online now without booking fees!
See details

So Erik and I aren't in too much danger.

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