The Fly Gabe Newell Fund Has Been Successful!

We raised over $3000 in not-even-three-days. Gabe and Erik flew down on their own dime and hung out with me. All funds raised were donated to the Child's Play charity. See below for my summary of the event.

Thanks, everyone!

For the text that was previously here - detailing the sequence of events that led up to all this - go here and here.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It happened

So, notes:

  • Gabe and Erik are totally awesome
  • In future, beers are required before the press event rather than merely after
  • Death > Public Speaking.
Alas, all my photos came out blurry. Fear not, for there were like a million other people there and I have asked them for their footage and photos. I'll make a long and detailed post tomorrow detailing all that went down.


  1. So... did he like the mod? Is he still boycotting it?

  2. i thought there was stuff going to be posted on the left4dead blog? We want more info!!!!!1 :P

  3. "Death > Public Speaking."

    You looked a bit nervous, but you spoke very well nonetheless. I'd give your performance (under extreme pressure) an 8.5 out of 10, and I only deducted points because Gabe almost whacked you in the face several times while he was speaking.